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Stephanie Corder's Art Room

Stephanie Corder, Art Teacher
AZ Academy, Virgin Islands

Contour line figureStephanie Corder teaches at AZ Academy, Christiansted, US Virgin Islands. She has all grade levels. She had recently started offering Choiced-Based Art Education after being introduced to TAB Choice (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) through the art education list serves. Welcome to her art room - shown above is a life size color wheel constructed by her second graders. Students traced their upper and lower body to make chart for all to see.


Stephanie has enjoyed her transition into Choice - merging choice with teacher directed lessons. To encourage observational drawing, she had middle school students do a shoe and manikin still life true to form in their sketch books - then they were to represent any any part of the still life in any way they chose on quality paper. Shown left is a student drawing of the actual still life. Below are some of the different approaches for the final drawing.


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Contour line figure      Contour line figure      Contour line figure


Colored figures


Art History Research with Choice

Salvador Dali-inspired art Students take on a creative approach to artist research. Shown is how one student did his research on Salvador Dali. See Lesson Plan.


Salvador Dali-inspired art


Stephanie On Choice Art Education

"I introduced TAB Choice to my 7th and 8th graders last week with a completely open assignment. You should have seen their faces when I described TAB Choice and told them that we were going to do it! 'You mean we get to do free art for the rest of the year?' and I said, 'You get free CHOICE of what you do, you'll still have assignments offered by me, and it'll be your option to do them or come up with something that relates to the concept we are exploring if you choose not to do the project....' The next two classes I had with them have never been so quiet, so focused with each student totally intent on their work; it was wonderful! It turns out, they ARE inspired when they get to self direct!" See some examples of choice paintings below. See more on Artsonia.


Car painting      Sunrise painting      Mondrian-inspired art


For now, Stephanie offers her teacher directed lesson idea and allows students to choose how to use the materials included in the lesson. When she offered an air dry clay mask project, students could choose her lesson idea - or any thing they wished as long as they used the air dry clay or plaster casting (for a sculpture unit). She has found that some students prefer to do her lesson idea. That works for her.


In between assignments, the students have required drawing exercises for the sketchbooks.


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