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Chess set paintingThe Game of Life - "A Comparison of the Two"


Students created a finished product based on a memorable childhood game. Students researched the game and how its rules apply to the "Game of Life". Student products represent their knowledge of drawing, color, and design, as well as, their ability to visually communicate their topic of choice. See detailed Lesson Plan.


"A Study of Perception" - Reflective Identity

Objective: Students created a self-portrait and incorporated the idea of "reflective identity" or how others perceive them. Students researched the theme of identity in artist work and how the artist subtle acknowledgments of identity are represented. The idea of "Reflective" is open to interpretation. See detailed Lesson Plan


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Monopoly game art Tiddly Winks painting

Study in perception

Identity reflection

Identity reflection


Interior Linear Line Extension Drawing


Students created two extended linear line drawings focusing on perspective and depth in their compositions. Each student completed one drawing in charcoal vine charcoal and charcoal pencil and one in paint. They began by finding an interesting and complex area in the classroom. They built a foundation for the drawing with straight lines that built a framework for the final piece. The final work incorporated the lines. Some chose to complete a third drawing, the lines were optional in that drawing. See Lesson Plan.


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Linear line extension Linear line extension Linear line extension

Alice Neel Figure Drawing


Students used figure drawings and their study of the artist Alice Neel to create a finished work using mixed media and text. After researching the life and works of Alice Neel, students realized that there is a strong connection between the artist and its subject. Students aimed to immolate this connection within their own finished figurative works. Light discussion was encouraged so that the student and model could begin to understand each other. Students used their knowledge on composition to create a strong design. See Lesson Plan.


Alice Neel Figure Drawing Alice Neel Figure Drawing Alice Neel Figure Drawing

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