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7Maria Lengauer teaches 3-D Design and Sculpture at the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts, Pennsylvania. Maria has several popular ceramics lessons on Incredible Art Department. CAPA's Visual Arts Department covers a variety of disciplines, including: drawing, painting, computer graphics, commercial arts, ceramics, and 3- dimensional sculpture.

Maria Lengauer's Lesson Plans on IAD


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Traditional Form - Greek Inspired Pottery - Coil Method

After students learn the coil technique through introductory lesson, they study the forms of Ancient Greek pottery. Students make sketches then construct a coil vessel - smoothing the surface for slip decoration. Various handles are presented and students add handle aesthetically pleasing to their form. Black slip is applied and decoration is incised showing the white clay body.


See what is new! Subtractive Plaster Figure Sculpture

Red Grooms Inspired "Slice of Life" - Parody

Students studied the work of Red Grooms - then designed and created these wonderful statements about our culture. Note the hamburger and French fries shown above a real. See in work in progress. See another work in progress.


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Idioms - See if you can guess these popular idioms (sayings). Highlight the text box and the idiom will appear. Students were inspired by the work of Robert Arneson, California artist.


An Idiom is a colorful expression whose meaning cannot be understood from the combined meanings of its individual words (adapted from Encarta Dictionary). Click images for larger views. See "Cat got your tongue" work in progress.


Some Resources for Idioms

Idiom Site
ESL Idioms Page
English Daily American Idioms
Good definition from Wikipedia


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"A penny for your thoughts"
See detail - See work in progress


"Bottled up emotions"
See detail


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      See work in progress


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"A Helping Hand" Ruler shows scale
See work in progress


"Two  heads are better than one"
See work in progress


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   See work in progress


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