Kara LiCausi's Art Room

Kara teaches art at Northport Middle School in Northport, NY. Northport Middle School is set on the north shore of Long Island approximately 40 miles east of New York City and houses about 800 students for grades 6, 7, & 8. Kara has submitted many fine lesson plans to Incredible Art Department (listed below)


Figure Drawing with Perspective 7th Grade Lesson

This was Kara's latest project. She had her 7th graders experiment with drawing wooden mannequins in all different positions. Next they drew the mannequins in varying sizes to help give the illusion of depth and then they added in scenery and objects drawn in 1 point perspective. They colored them in with Colored Pencils... This project looks like it was great fun.


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Exploring Op Art

Seventh grade students studied Op art then created these impressive 8" by 8" (20.3 x 20.3 cm) colored pencil drawings.


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Kara LiCausi's Lessons and Ideas on IAD

Here are some one point perspective drawings from 6th graders. Students worked on 8"x8" pieces of paper and drew a variety of shapes in 1 point perspective. Kara placed strong emphasis on the students adding creative and unique elements to the drawings so that they were not simply 3-D shapes. They used colored pencil for this project. Click images for larger views.


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