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Paper Maché Pulp Sculpture
Queensland, Australia

Junk Food Pop Art Clocks - Grade 9

This was a unit where students created junk food clocks using pulp mache. Students investigated the packaging of junk food. They also investigated Pop Artists and California Funk Art artist's work that had a food theme. Students had to solve the design problem of representing a junk food item as a relief sculpture that doubles as a functioning clock. Students also investigated styles and placement for numbers.


Justin has a cement mixer that he uses to pulp up recycled paper. There is always paper within a school that can be recycled. The paper is put into the cement mixer with water and it churns it into pulp. The excess water is squeeze out of the pulp and paper mache glue is kneaded into the mix. The mix has a similar consistency to clay and can be modeled. Sculpted items are slowly built up. This is a great medium for teachers who want to be environmentally friendly and don't have a kiln.


Students sculpted around a clock mechanism that was wrapped in a protective film to ensure a close fit. Once dry the mechanism was remove, the film taken off and then replaced. Students painted the clock and put hands on. This lesson was great fun!


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Zodiac Sign Masks - Grade 9

This mask lesson was based it upon students researching their own zodiac sign. I also encourage students to explore their Chinese horoscope sign. Students investigated both symbols representation, colors, emotions and other characteristics and represented these in their masks. One student, the one with the silver foil around the head with antlers won a regional art competition and got $200 (middle row - far  right). These were made out of pulp mache and are wearable. The masks were made by using pulp mache built upon a form and embellished with mixed media and Acrylic Paint.. Just says this has been the most successful mask unit so far. Each work was very unique and personal to the artist as well allowing them to explore the stereotypes embedded within the zodiac signs.


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Submitted by: Justin Kramer
Unit: Sculpture - Ceramics - "self portrait"
Lesson: Ceramic Art Cars with a message
Grade Level: High School (adaptable to middle school)


Looking at Justin's example, I am guessing this was presented as some kind of personal self portrait. Vicki (from Perth) knew the story right away! "For the non-Australians, Queenslanders are known as banana benders and Queensland is known for its beaches, surf and the Great Barrier Reef (and bananas!)." Justin is from Brisbane, Queensland. A USA equivalent would be Florida. Yes there are a few panel vans!


Justin's students have made Art Cars. Pieces have been fired and they have painted - embellished and decorated. Here is Justin's  demo as a guide. Glazing -underglazing or painting work great


From Judy: Cars are hollow sculptures. My idea was to start with a corrugated cardboard shell and do draped slab over it. Remove the cardboard shell when clay is leather hard. You could also build more solid and hollow out from the bottom. Bisque fire slowly to insure success (low over night is even good for thicker sculptures).



From Vicki in Australia: For the US list members the bird sitting on top is a White Cockatoo, also called a Sulfur Crested Cockatoo. According to 'What Bird is That?, 'they are found throughout the Australian mainland (except Western Australia, south of the Fitzroy River), King Island, and Tasmania. While the flock is feeding individual birds perch on the topmost branches of a high tree to act as sentinels, giving a shrill screech to warn the flock when an enemy approaches'. They are also great mimics and can even learn to mimic your voice - sometimes displaying a wicked sense of humour. My grandmother had one which would constantly call the dog - using her voice - and have the dog racing up and down the yard.


Note: Student work on this page is by students at Dakabin State High School, Queensland, Australia. Justin now teaches at North Lakes State College.


See Makio Kawashima's site for an elementary lesson/sixth grade
Makio Kawashima - Ecology Conscious Car


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