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Artist in Residence - Pulp Fiction 2006 Exhibit, Queensland, Australia

Towards the end of 2005, North Lakes State College had their first artist-in-residence at the college. The artist was Lesa Hepburn. Justin had worked with her before and she had generously donated her time to work with the students for a whole semester. Students created handmade books with natural fibers, made book art sculpture, constructed huge paper insect wings with pulp painting technique, made book art jewelry, giant paper tree trunks, fiber insects and insect drawings and range of other fiber based artworks that has a insect theme to it.

The works were exhibited in the middle of 2006. The exhibition went for a month at Pine Rivers Regional Gallery and was a huge success. The show will be exhibited again at the beginning of this year in the school's very own mini gallery. The building of the senior campus contains a sculpture courtyard and a purpose built art gallery.

The artist in residence that Justin had last year (2005) is also installing the work in the front the college in early February. This is a huge sculptural piece that has lighting, solar panels and fabricated seats based on the students' design. The whole project was a collaboration between the artist and a small group of our Year 10 students. It's quiet large and required an engineers report. Not something that your average school could do without the funding. This was funded through a grant that Justin applied for and got in 2005. Most of the components will be prefabricated off site. Watch this page for photos.


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