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Tag board Relief Prints - good for all levels.

Paper Pulp Painting - upper elementary and up

Andy Warhol - Color Theory - elementary through middle school

Radial Name Design Sketchbook Covers - elementary through MS


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Fifth Grade Gustav Klimt Inspired Self Portraits

After learning about the art and life of Gustav Klimt, fifth grade students created these rich self portraits. Painting with metallic paints - embellishing with metallic paper and gem markers.


Gustav Klimt Inspired Self Portrait      Gustav Klimt Inspired Self Portrait
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Cardboard Relief Cities - Fifth Grade

Fifth graders learned about Frank Stella and had the choice of doing the usual shapes relief sculpture out of cardboard or these cityscapes. They began with a base shape, then added the buildings. In the foreground, they were to add a street, bridge, or water. To finish, they painted them to look like metal (silver or gold spray-paint) or stone (Make-It-Stone, Fleckstone, with a base color first or it takes way to much to cover it). To hang them, a wire was added to the back.


Cardboard Relief City      Cardboard Relief City      Cardboard Relief City
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Fifth Grade Sun Paper Relief

Denise saw this idea on HGTV's Carol Duvall Show [Archive] and decided to use lower priced materials: tag board instead of foam core, Fadeless paper, Construction Paper


Sun Paper Relief      Sun Paper Relief      Sun Paper Relief

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Third Grade Felt Molas - Art of the Kuna Indians

Third grade learned about the Kuna Indians of the San Blas Islands - then created felt layered molas. They began by drawing a leaf template and traced that on to the top layer of felt. Then, they created the "French-fry" shaped windows through which the next layers would show. The second layer of Felt. was cut smaller than the top, the last layer was left whole. Scraps were placed behind some of the windows to add color. They used a back-stitch for the veins and a blanket stitch to finish them off around the edges. Denise has them work on another project at the same time as this one because she spends a bit of time threading needles and working one on one with them. She just pulls a group out of the current project and they sew. All end up doing the sewing. Working in smaller groups makes it more manageable.


Felt Mola      Felt Mola      Felt Mola
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Georgia O'Keeffe Sunflowers

Fifth graders studied sunflowers. The artist, Georgia O'Keeffe served as inspiration for these oil pastel drawings. Color blending was very important.


Georgia O'Keeffe Sunflower    Georgia O'Keeffe Sunflower    Georgia O'Keeffe Sunflower    Georgia O'Keeffe Sunflower    Georgia O'Keeffe Sunflower    Georgia O'Keeffe Sunflower

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