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Tag board Relief Prints - good for all levels.

Paper Pulp Painting - upper elementary and up

Andy Warhol - Color Theory - elementary through middle school

Radial Name Design Sketchbook Covers - elementary through MS


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Whimsical Collage - Laurel Burch inspired - First Grade

These Fairview Elementary first graders had fun creating these whimsical Laurel Burch inspired collage. Accents were made with marker - then final touches of glitter glue were added. Denise got the idea for this lesson from the Ohio Art Education Convention. These are 18" x 24" (46 x 61 cm). See more on Denise's Artsonia site.


Whimsical Collage CAt      Whimsical Cat Collage      Whimsical Cat Collage
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Laurel Burch's art has been inspiring students for many years. Laurel is thrilled to see all of the student creations. Remember, it is important the students only get inspiration from an artist's work. It is never appropriate to copy.


Kindergarten Jim Dine Inspired Hearts

Kindergarteners enjoy learning to paint their heart and embellishing it with glitter glue colors. The frame is made by attaching pieces of assorted cut paper (holes are pre-punched for this to save time).


Jim Dine Inspired Heart      Jim Dine Inspired Heart      Jim Dine Inspired Heart
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Second Grade - Jasper Johns Inspired Initials

Second graders used the artist Jasper Johns as inspiration for these tempera paintings. Second graders began by turning their square papers to a diamond and they painted on them at this angle. Their letter (initial) was to extend off of the paper. They then changed paint colors and brushes to outline the letter. They again changed paint and brushes to add the lines (discuss types of line). One final color was chosen to add the polka dots inside the letter using the "wrong" end of a bamboo brush (or any flat ended brush). They finished these in one 40 minute class period.


Jasper Johns Inspired Initial      Jasper Johns Inspired Initial      Jasper Johns Inspired Initial
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Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Desserts - Third Grade

After studying Thiebaud, students drew a border (frame) on a piece of tag board. We created a template for the dishes by folding a paper in half and making a symmetrical shape. I hand out packets which contain several pictures of desserts and they create their own in the dish. Frames are decorated and the negative space is cut away from the desserts. *Note: the dessert & dish must touch all 4 sides of the frame! For the background, another piece of tag is decorated with the bottom half being a horizontal patterned "tablecloth" and a vertical patterned "wallpaper". All are watercolored. The background is mounted to a mat board or railroad board and the top layer is attached using 3D-Os. This gives the desserts a shadowboxed appearance.


Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Dessert      Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Dessert      Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Dessert
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