Brenda Robson's Art Room

Brenda's students learned the value of recycling in making these whimsical paper maché mancala boards. Brenda and her students collected corrugated cardboard, newspapers, egg cartons, toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, assorted cardboard tubes (from wrapping paper), small milk cartons, Pringles cans and more. Shown are only a few of the animals created.


See other student samples of Mancala Boards on IAD.

Brenda Robson's Lessons & Ideas on IAD

Cut Paper Portrait for middle school and high school

Monoprints for elementary through high school

Tagboard Architecture Relief Prints - elementary (scroll down)

Shaving Cream Marbling with Relief Print - elementary (scroll down)

King Tut Model Magic Sculpture - for elementary - Clay ideas page


Prestonwood Christian Academy

Native American brave Mancala Board       Cats Mancala Board


Statue of Liberty Mancala Board       Mary Mancala Board


Brenda's student made these leather bound books with cover framing copper foil tooling. The students are very proud of their work and will treasure these.


Lion sculpture Panda sculpture


Horse sculpture Zebra sculpture

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