Brenda Robson's Art Room

Brenda Robson


Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano TX

Meet Brenda Robson. Shown is her cut paper self portrait using her lesson plan on Incredible Art Department.

Prestonwood Christian Academy is located in Plano, a suburb of Dallas. PCA has been a Christ-centered college preparatory institution of distinction since it was established in 1972. See Brenda's personal art site - with a gallery and student portraits.


Below Left: Award Winning art! Erin drew herself using a grid then did a monochromatic rendering. Then she painted in oil. She won a gold medal for painting grades 6-8 in the district competition and 4th place at the State Fair of Texas.


Below right: Two examples from Brenda's Monoprint lesson on Incredible Art Department.


Two self portraits

Lilly Pad Monoprint

Lilly Pad Monoprint


Six masks



Sculpey Masks and Kaleidoscopes. See Mask Detail The Kaleidoscopes were made from a kit.

Students first conditioned the clay and painted tacky glue onto the cardboard (same with the masks). The masks were done by laying plaster strips onto a plastic mask frame. Then they paper machéd over that with torn paper to have something the glue could stick to. After baking the Sculpey, the masks were decorated with feathers and beads. Students had a blast with this part!


Black Beauty painting


Adobe pastel


Award Winning Art! The horse oil painting was done by an 8th grader for a contest from a photo. The pastel pueblo won 4th place at the State fair of Texas in 2002 by a 3rd grader.

Three Toucans painting



Left: The idea for this Toucan pastel drawing came from Coyote Press' Art Lessons for Children. Work is by a 3rd grader.


Above right: The Dallas oil pastel skyline above is by a 4th grader. Students discussed radial designs and experimented with fireworks and added the skyline cut out from black paper accented with pastel on top.
Right: This Seahorse is a combination of printing methods. First students created a glue outline relief plate. The print on the left is a crayon rubbing print. The print on the right is a relief print on gold paper.

Foil embossings

See page 2 - Leather books and Mancala boards

Brenda Robson's Lessons & Ideas on Incredible Art Department

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