Betsy Heeney's Art Room

AP Prep - Personal Journeys

One way Betsy gets AP Prep students to think about a concentration is to use the journals of Dan Eldon and show parts of the video narrated by his sister, Dying to Tell the Story. Students are asked to create a work of art that expresses their own personal journey around issues in which they feel passion. Using the journals of Dan Eldon, and the prints of Robert Rauschenberg as reference, Betsy demonstrates several photo transfer techniques using gel medium, wintergreen oil, packing tape applications and mix it together with watercolor and Acrylic Paint.. Students choose their mediums but are required to include at least one photo transfer into their work. Once the first work is complete, students create a second work that is a "spin-off" from the first. Click images for larger views.


Impact of 9-11 painting 9-11 Impact on Family collage


Kelyn's Topic: impact of 9/11 and her connection to family


Mermaid painting       Alone in the Forest painting

Lauren's Topic: Personal relationship to the environment


Canadian Geese collage       Dove glitter picture

Maria's topic: Interpersonal relationships


Aztec Pyramid painting       Outer Space painting

Sara's topic: personal connection to ancient history


3- D AP Portfolio - Environments

These pieces are from one student's 3-D AP portfolio. The idea explored in her concentration is the creation of environments which reflect entrapment. Her primary material is clay, mirrors, acrylic resin, found materials. Her work is inspired through her study of artist Andy Goldsworthy and Cindy Sherman.


Artwork is by Sara H., an 18 year old graduating senior. She attended the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia in fall 2006.


Man tangled in hammock sculpture Sculpture assemblage HIding in a Barrel sculpture


Butterfly in birds nest sculpture Drowning horses sculpture


Click images for larger views

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