Art Lesson Plan: American Pride Drawing

American Pride

Submitted by: Ricardo Ramirez, Ronny Crownover, Corinth, TX
Unit: Drawing and Design
Grade Level: 7 through 9 (Ricardo did this with 7th and 8th)



12"x18" (30.5 x 46 cm) Newsprint.Saral Transfer Paper. (or Ebony Pencils.) 12" x 18" and 12" x 12" (30.5 x 46 cm and 30.5 x 30.5 cm) White Drawing Paper., Drawing Pencils., Magic Rub Erasers., Colored Pencils.., AquaMarkers., pictures/ photocopies of American symbols.


Objectives: The Learner will...

  • Use a variety of sources to gain an understanding of an artist and/or and arts form. Show appreciation for other artist who have worked with a patriotic theme. Perceive and describe differences in art works that have the same subject.

  • Combine a variety of symbols to communicate ideas or information- Communicate about theme American Pride.

  • Control colored pencils to create value and graded shading.

  • Utilize the elements and principles of design effectively to create an original composition.

  • Demonstrate skill and craftsmanship in drawing.

  • Write about art.

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Click here for sample of student writing



U.S. News | Sports Illustrated for Kids | Smithsonian National Museum of American History | National Geographic | The History Channel | Wars in American History | Wars & World History

Art with a Patriotic Theme
Selections from World Trade Center art
Work by some of the following artists:
LeRoy Neiman,.Childe Hassam,.The Spirit of '76,. (Ohio artist who did Spirit of '76)
Norman Rockwell. (Four Freedoms), Peter Max. (Flags - Statue of Liberty), Jasper Johns. (Three Flags), Faith Ringgold. (Flags)

IAD's Constitution Day page- The history of the Constitution and art resources.



"Due to the threat of war and terrorism, my students wanted to create artworks that reflected our pride in our beautiful country. It was important to express our love for America and remember those whom have sacrificed their lives so that we could be free and have the opportunity to live our dreams!" ~ Ricardo Ramirez

  1. Show and discuss various artworks with a patriotic theme or with American symbols.

  2. Show some of the work that came about from the attack on the World Trade Center-Why project

  3. Brainstorm with students to come up with a list of American symbols(provide pictures for reference).

  4. Review good composition design - principles of design.

  5. Demonstrate colored pencil techniques.

.Procedures: (See student handout for more details)

"We first began with creating a mind map for the "America the Beautiful" lesson.  Mind mapping is the process of using color, words, and visual images to brainstorm compositions for dynamic artworks. It is another way of brainstorming other than the linear method of thinking.  Upon completion of our mind maps, a paper was written supporting what "America the Beautiful" means to each of us (see student example). We had many class and group discussions about America, other countries and cultures and especially about recent acts of terrorism."

  1. Select symbols to represent American Pride - plan composition on newsprint. Work with several thumbnail sketches - or on full size composition. Develop of composition with a variety of symbols -use overlapping. Design some way to pull the composition together -- unity.

  2. Transfer ideas to drawing paper. Use Saral Transfer Paper. (or soft lead pencil on the back of newsprint)

  3. Color with colored pencils (markers may be used in some areas). Create graded values by varying pressure - show highlights and shadows. Blend colors within the shapes. Use color to create a center of interest.

Evaluation: (See Rubric)

"This assignment enabled my students to understand why we have war and why we should support our troops and each other during these unfortunate situations.  I feel that we can break down the fears of terrorism through artistic expressions and meaningful discussions."

  1. Did student show awareness and understanding of artwork with a patriotic theme?

  2. Did student communicate the idea of American Pride through the use of a variety of symbols?

  3. Did student use colored pencils to show values - create highlights and shadows?

  4. Did student use elements and principles of design effectively to create an original composition?

  5. Did student exhibit skill and craftsmanship in drawing?



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