Lesson Plan: Texture Scavenger Hunt

Texture Scavenger Hunt


Submitted by: Ned Fox, middle school art teacher,
Northwood Middle School at Spokane WA.
Lesson: Texture Scavenger Hunt
Grade Level: 7th & 8th grade




Great way to teach kids visual texture! Give the kids a list of things to make full page rubbings of. Items that make kids think: a lid of a can that has texture (this is a hard one) a radio, shoe bottom, tree, floor, etc...

I think that the more creative rubbings of items should get extra credit. Example - a rubbing of a cement floor is o.k. but what about a rubbing of a boat wood floor, etc...


texture rubbing

Texture rubbing courtesy of "Octopus Love." Click on image for full size.

Now that the kids have 15 pages of rubbings, have them make a drawing and fill in with there rubbings (they cut them out and paste them in). This is a great way to get the kids working on texture, maybe even a collage. Give this a try lots of fun and creative thinking --Let me know how it works for you and any ideas you have.


NOTE: This lesson was submitted in the early days of IAD when teachers had no scanners or digital cameras to take pictures of student work. An image that would fit this lesson has been added on the right.











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