Colored Pencil Design Project- Grades 7-12

Colored Pencil Design Project

Submitted by: Ken Schwab, formerly of Leigh High School, San Jose CA
Unit: Design - Non-Objective Art - Principles of Design
Lesson Plan: Colored Pencil Design Project
Grade Level: High School - Suitable for grades 7 through 12
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This lesson appears in Ken Schwab's book "Drawing Course 101". from Sterling Publication NY. See book for complete instructions. Step by step demonstrations and more examples. Detailed instruction on color theory and blending with colored pencils. Many more exciting lessons are presented.



1.  Discuss the elements and principles of design. Give examples and use nonobjective design to show the principles of good composition. Discuss what a non-objective design is and why they are produced.


2. Use a compass and construction paper to create a series of different size finders. Use magazines to look for a composition that uses the finder over the picture and reveals a design.


3.  Choose the best one of the saved finders and set up the Drawing Boards.. Use a circle template 11" wide and on a 12"x18" (30.5 x 46 cm) newsprint paper make a circle.




4. Enlarge the most important lines. When finished with the enlarging, graphite the back and transfer to good drawing paper 80#.


6. Practice using soft light layers of colored pencils to achieve soft gradations and different colors.





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