The Color Game

Submitted by: Joel McKinney
Technical Services
Wabasso School District, Wabasso, MN

Grade Level: Middle School



To re-enforce and review color relationships while creating an active environment in the classroom (good for rainy days). Review Complementary, Analogous, and Triadic color relationships.



Printed cards (use the image file below or create your own). Instructions (printed on the image file master sheet)



I came up with this "game" as a review exercise and thought others might be able to use it.
The image file can be printed (multiple copies) or cards can be created from scratch.
The instructions are printed on the image file but they read as follows:

Cut out the cards and hand them out to students randomly. The cards come in two "presentations," either words or swatches. Perform the following (or other) exercises:

1. Find someone with the same color as you, but the opposite presentation.
2. Find someone with the same presentation as you but with your complementary color.
3. Find someone with the opposite presentation but also has your complementary color.
4. Form groups of three analogous colors, all the same presentation.
5. Form Triads of cardholders with the same presentations (notice that you have created either primary or secondary palettes).
6. Find someone with the opposite presentation but an analogous color on Color Wheels..
Trade cards and start over.


Click on the image below for full size and to print:


color cards



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