Lesson Plan: Surreal Hands - Drawing

Surreal Hands

Submitted by: Bunki Kramer, Los Cerros Middle School
Grade level: Middle school



After a "skills assessment" students draw their hands as realistically as possible. Students were asked to draw a "fantasy hand" with each finger taking on a character all its own. They were encouraged to have an over-all theme for their "Surreal" hand. We began by discussing Dali's work as well as Magritte's style of painting. These artists painted in what we call the Surrealist style... dream-like visions where things are not what they seem... or items are put together in a totally different relationship than what we know to be real ( a surreal world). Examples of work by Magriite and Dali were shown. Students explored this art style via the WWW. They also looked at examples of various other artists' work focusing on the hand - Drawing Hand. This lesson idea courtesy of Mrs. Bunki Kramer, Lo Cerros Middle School. See also Surreal Feet.


surreal hands Objectives:

AH: Compare and contrast various forms of artistic expression -- Examine the similarities and differences of how various artists work(ed).


AP: Control a variety of materials, tools techniques and processes while creating works of art -- Use imagination-- create a work of art based on a theme. Use colored pencils to create shading--value gradation-- Fine point markers to create a variety of line and textural interest.


AP: Students will create a hand drawing that alters reality--shows each finger and palm of hand expressing a fantasy theme (beyond real).


AC: Control a variety of materials, tools techniques and processes while creating works of art.


AE: Discuss and analyze criteria that determine value.



Also see Hand-Scapes Pencil Drawing



1. Demonstrate contour drawing of hand--careful observation of details. Semi-blind technique. Express the importance of studying the hand very closely--connection to scientific observation.

2. Present works by Rene Magritte and Salvadore Dali--Student begin open drawing hand (fingers outstretched --either back side of hand or palm of hand--student's choice)

3. View more images of works by Magritte and Dali on Internet

4. Students continue fantasy drawing of their own (this will be kept as a free time activity for all grade levels)

5. Once fantasy drawing is complete--Outline with fine point markers and render with colored pencils. Be sure to show gradation of values with the colored pencil. color plan will be important.


Evaluation (10 point assignment --not a major project):

Effort and creativity --color plan --pencil value rendering.



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