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Found Object Sculpture

Submitted by: Mary Bolyard
Grade level: Middle School



Students were given a choice of supplies for the armature - wire, cardboard, plastic bags, newspaper. After the basic form was constructed the 8th graders covered the form with plaster craft. After applying that as a skin, they used found objects to create an interesting surface. They brainstormed quite a few ideas as possibilities for found objects. Optional: apply a base coat of acrylic paint before gluing objects.


List of possible Junk to add: Cards, game pieces, buttons, Fabric. patches (applied with Mod Podge.), candy wrappers/gum wrappers, candy, nuts and washers, candy, fruit loops, pasta, paper clips, rubber bands, bottle caps, crackers, pennies (if a students wants to furnish), shells, seeds, beans. (Note: food items may need a protective seal to keep insects away). Check a recycling center near you for all sorts of metal gadgets (there is a good one in Columbus, Ohio)


found object sculpture found object sculpture



Sculpture of Leo Sewell
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Karen Filippelli Abbo

http://users.adelphia.net/~antkar/masks.htm (Archive)
Look like this artist builds her own form to construct the masks. Try using a hump of newspaper - adding wads of newspapers to build up features - and aluminum foil too. Your finished masks will pop off of the aluminum foil when done. Save the paper humps to use another year - or just pitch. Jazz Hound is my favorite animal of hers:
See Jungle Painting for a very Chagall type feeling:
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