Art Lesson Plan: Op Art Cube

Op Art Cube

Submitted by: Carolyn Brown
Op Art - Graphic Design
Op Art Cube
Grade Level:
Middle School (adaptable for upper elementary)


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Books on Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely: 1906-1997; Pure Vision. - Vasarely's experimentation with optical effects in the 1940s and 50s earned him a central role in the evolution of Op Art. Vasarely's boldly colorful and eye-popping paintings are instantly recognizable and remain entirely modern and relevant today.


Vasarely. - Widely considered the father of Op Art, the Hungarian-born artist Victor Vasarely was instrumental not only in provoking a school of thought based on the relationship between art and science, but in creating some of the most striking geometric paintings in the history of late Modernism. This book, which gathers together a generous selection of his most significant works, celebrates his immense intelligence, passion, and artistry.




Student Work sheets








Prints by Victor Vasarely

Student Handout for Sketches

Idea pages




Books on Bridget Riley

Embodied Visions: Bridget Riley, Op Art and the Sixties. - In this new book, based on eight years' research, Frances Follin examines contemporary reviews of Riley's work to reveal the complex associations between these paintings and the culture in which they were produced. Far from being the peripheral art form that some later accounts have presented, Follin shows how Riley's Op work occupies a key position in debates on modernism in the arts and in the future of Western societies.


Bridget Riley: New Paintings and Gouaches. - An essential publication for followers of the internationally known abstract painter Bridget Riley, this exhibition catalogue of new paintings is her first show in the UK since 2000. This book is fully illustrated with large color images of previously unseen paintings.







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