Art Lesson Plan: Pierced Drawing

Pierced Drawing

Submitted by: Ken Schwab, formerly of Leigh High School
Unit: Drawing
Grade Level: High school 9 through 12
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  1. The idea of a pierced drawing is to create a drawing in which one or more areas are cut out and colored paper is placed behind it. Some drawing on the paper can be done but it can be left alone as well. The subject matter is selected to be used with the idea that the pierced area is the most important part of the composition. Choose carefully to make a good project.

  2. Use newsprint to sketch out the subject and transfer to good drawing paper. Render with all the skills and techniques that you have and spray with workable Fixative..

  3. Cut with an X-acto blade the areas to be removed. These can be very lacy cuts and should be clean with no ragged edges.

  4. Put tabs (little squares) on the back of the drawing near the edge of the cut so that the paper can be glued onto these tabs and the paper is lifted off of the white paper by the thickness of mat board.

  5. Go back into these areas and draw some more. Use white pencils for high lights. If you want to pierce the pierced area again, you can as many times as you want. This will show many colors of paper rather than just one.


kenpierce5.jpg (40791 bytes) kenpierce7.jpg (66320 bytes)

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Materials needed:

White Sulphite Drawing Paper. 80#
Drawing Pencils., #2, Black Ebony Pencils.
Blending Tortillons. -- Q-tips. -- Paper towels
X-acto Knives.
Canson Mi-Teintes Colored Paper.
Mat board. scraps -- White Glue.


Alternate Lesson Idea: Super Heroes - by Dave Haines




Dave found this lesson on Comic Book Super Heroes motivated students. Here is Dave's Pop art take using this pierced drawing lesson plan. Canson colored paper was used for the accents.



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