Lesson Idea: Gesture Drawings

Gesture Drawing Ice Breakers

MonaSubmitted by: Colleena Graney

Grade Level: Early High School



This is a good ice breaker or fun activity to do as a transition between contour drawing and figure drawing lessons.


This should be done around tables. All students will begin this exercise by drawing a brief outline of their partner across from them. This will be a quick gesture sketch with a drawing pencil. They can then use a kneaded eraser to add some detail. Take three minutes to do this. Then point out how much you use just your eyes for this exercise and the qualities that are present in gesture drawings.


Next, have everyone take off one of their shoes, without looking at them, and place them in their lap. They then must draw their shoe without looking at it. They may use their hands to try and feel the outline and detail. This should take up to 20 minutes. It tests memory and transfer ability. A good ice breaker for a class with different skill levels. After the assignment is completed. Display drawings and look at all the results.



NOTE: This lesson was submitted in the early days of IAD when teachers had no scanners or digital cameras to take pictures of student work.



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