Art Lesson Plan: Interior Linear Line Extension Drawing

Interior Linear Line Extension Drawing

Submitted by: Nicole Brisco, Pleasant Grove High School, Texarkana, Texas
UNIT: Observational Drawing - Perspective - Charcoal
Grade Level: High School



Students will create two extended linear line drawings. Students should focus on perspective and depth in their compositions. Each student will be expected to complete one drawing in charcoal and one in paint.

You should begin by finding an interesting and complex area in the classroom or around the school. Walls with bricks, wiring, or patterns make a good choice. Sink areas also provide a "complex" area to draw. Draped fabric provides interesting line patterns. Build a foundation for your drawing with straight lines that build a framework for your final piece. The final work should allow the lines to breathe. Both works must incorporate the lines. If you choose to complete a third drawing, the lines are optional.


linear drawing      linear drawing     linear drawing


  1. Students should focus on the following in creating their finished piece:

  2. Paper under 18X24 (46 x 61 cm) (Rives BFK paper.)

  3. Taped Edges

  4. Extended Linear Lines. These lines should be incorporated in a smooth way. Lines should show

  5. Strong and accurate contour lines

  6. Strong contrast using light

  7. Lay in a ground with taped edges

  8. Appropriate use on the charcoal. The following can be used: Charcoal Pencils., Pressed or Willow Charcoal., Kneaded Rubber Erasers., Magic Rub Erasers., Woodless Graphite.

  9. Use of the eraser method.

  10. Strong Composition.

  11. All surface covered

  12. Weighted Line


  1. Paper under 18X24 (46 x 61 cm) (Rives BFK paper.)

  2. Taped Edges

  3. Extended Linear Lines Using 1/16th inch Tape. These lines should be incorporated in a smooth way. Lines should show. Consider the possibilities with color inside the lines

  4. Strong and accurate contour lines

  5. Strong contrast using light with color

  6. Appropriate use of the paint. Students should use an extension of the complimentary color palette or the monochromatic color palette

  7. Use of an individual technique

  8. Strong Composition.

  9. All surface covered

  10. Appropriate additions to make the composition complete


Life Drawing in Charcoal. - This book illustrates a variety of charcoal drawing techniques including shading and sketching.


Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists. - A workshop-style book, oriented to the wide community of crafters and artists including those interested in paint, surface design, mixed media, and collage, which explores a wide variety of innovative and experimental paint techniques. Chapters cover composition, abstraction, texture, layering, using found objects, encaustic, integrating text, and adding digital imagery.




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