Art Lesson Plan: Drawing Fruit Outside-Inside

Drawing Fruit Outside-Inside

Submitted by: Traci Wolfensperger, Substitute/ Art Teacher, Waterloo, Iowa
Unit: Drawing from life
Lesson Plan: Outside - Inside Drawings (fruits, vegetables)
Grade Level: Elementary one 1 through 3 (adaptable to higher grades)
Time: One to two class periods



  • Students will use observational drawing to study the unfamiliar.

  • Students will use oil pastels to mix/blend colors.

  • Students will be introduced to using drawing as a tool for documenting what we can learn with our eyes.


still lifeVocabulary:

Line, contour, shape, color, contrast (outside/inside),observational drawing (art and science)



Select from various still life artists who showed careful observation of fruits and vegetables. Enter a Google search for Still Life Fruit and Still life vegetables -- contemporary and master works come up. Severin Roesen - Adriaen van Utrecht - Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin - a few examples.

See the still life projects from Genet Elementary School. Also see these projects.




  1. Show a few still life with fruit and vegetables. explain that they were done by carefully observing nature. (try to find some that show the inside of fruit and vegetables - some with peeling fruits, etc)

  2. Explain that we're going to study the inside & outside of an object

  3. Demonstrate careful - close observational drawing - showing all contours.

  4. Demonstrate:
    Using oil pastels
    Mixing/blending colors
    Using scratch paper to test colors
    Using pencils to scratch through the pastels to create textures


  1. Have students select an interesting view to draw the object from Drawing the outside first on one sheet. Observe contours. Color with oil pastels - try to match the colors of the fruit or vegetable.

  2. Next have students share what they think the insides will look like - speculate.

  3. Then cut the object in half (teacher does this) and have the students draw the inside on another sheet of paper. (You may want to practice cutting before class if the object is new to you)

  4. Use oil pastels to color the inside drawing - matching colors as closely as possible.

  5. Once done completed have the students mount their two drawings together on construction paper. Select a color that enhances the drawing.

  6. As a class discuss the differences from the inside to the outside.


  1. Did students show skills in close observation in drawing the outside and inside of their fruit or vegetable?

  2. Did students show skills in oil pastels blending in selecting the colors for their drawing.

  3. Did students effectively contrast - discuss differences - in their two drawings?



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