Elementary Art Lesson - Rainbow Pie Color Wheel

Rainbow Pie

Submitted by: Stormey Kasser
Title of Lesson:
Rainbow Pie Color Wheel
Grade level:
Third Grade


Goals / Objectives:

  1. The students will construct their own "pieces of the pie" using concepts of primary, secondary and intermediate color.

  2. Students will apply fractional knowledge as they use fraction names and symbols to describe fractional portions of the Color Wheels., as well as labeling their creation with proper hues and fractional portions of the whole.

  3. Students will learn and apply the concepts of color as they paint and construct a color wheel from supplied triangular shapes.

  4. Students will create their own "pieces of pie" as they incorporate their understanding of math skills in fractional portioning with their new learning of color.

  5. Students will mix hues to create those on the color wheel.

  6. Students will paint fractional portions of color wheel with appropriate colors and construct a color wheel with those fractional parts.

  7. Students will appropriately apply art elements/principles and those of fractional portions.

  8. The student will associate concrete ideas with appropriate vocabulary. color wheel sample

Materials Needed:

Each child will need:

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Book: Vincent's Colors. - Van Gogh's descriptions, arranged as a simple rhyme, introduce young readers to all the colors of the rainbow and beyond. The descriptive words combine with spectacular reproductions of many of the artist's most beloved and important works to create a perfect art book for young and old alike.


Lesson Description:

Set up: Place supply baskets with enough materials for each group in designated supple area.

  1. Whole class discussion of colors, incorporating vocabulary words (which are written in advance on the board) and the concept of color mixing.

  2. Preview project and instructions with class.

  3. Helpers pass out table supply baskets.

  4. Students will paint the 12 paper plate slices according to color wheel, beginning with the primary colors, then secondary, and finally intermediate. (Refer to color chart for mixing colors)

  5. Students will glue the slices to the blank paper plate in the correct position, according to the color wheel and label each color. Set aside in appropriate place.

  6. Students will then use the pre-printed Color Wheels. sheet (pie), and cut out each slice of pie.

  7. Students will construct their slice of the pie and one for each of three friends. They will first carefully sort the cut out pieces by primary, secondary or intermediate color.

  8. Glue pieces in the circles of the white paper, using at least one color from each group to form their ideal "piece of pie".

  9. Label hues used for each piece of pie.

  10. Label the fractional portion each piece represents of the whole pie.

  11. Put a star by your favorite piece! If you have time, decorate your pie piece with whipped cream and a cherry on top!



Grading Rubric:




National Visual Arts Standards Covered:

Grade K-4 Visual Arts Standards 1, 2, & 3

Art (3rd Grade) 1B
Math (3rd Grade) 2C, 2D



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