Elementary Lesson Plan: Fool Proof Printmaking

Fool Proof Printmaking

Submitted by: Lindsay B
Sidney City Schools
Title of Lesson: Fool-Proof Printmaking
Grade Level: Adaptable, 3 - 12



Design and create a printmaking block. My goal for my students after they have made it is to make an edition of three identical prints, I have done this with sixth grade, but it can easily be adapted to other levels.



**Could also use relatively flat found objects--buttons, puzzle pieces, etc. Need to be the same height off the surface.



The Printmaking Bible: The Complete Guide to Materials and Techniques. - The Printmaking Bible is the definitive resource to the ins-and-outs of every variety of serious printmaking technique practiced today.


sampleBasic Printmaking Techniques. - Share the excitement of relief, monotype, and silkscreen printing with your students. Clear text and visual demonstrations present a variety of techniques that students can perform with a minimal amount of training and equipment.



The students do thumbnail sketches of designs that can be abstract or purely decorative or they can have meaning/symbols.


After they decide on a design they draw it with pencil on the cardboard. Then they use glue to attach string directly over their pencil marks.


**Words/letters need to be a mirror image and not too close together or they will have a hard time gluing the string in place.


The glue needs to dry completely before they can paint over the string, I usually have them stick with one color so the paint doesn't dry out before they can print with it. They then put papers on top of the cardboard and string and rub to transfer the paint. I always make them do test prints before using construction paper to do 3 identical prints.


This could be modified, maybe have them do 4 prints with bright colors, pop art connection. Do a symbol from pop culture, lots of possibilities.




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