Elementary Art Lesson: Dotty Wotty House

Dotty Wotty House

Submitted by: Linda McLean
Media Specialist / Art Teacher
Title: Tyree Guyton- Dotty Wotty House
Time Needed: 2 Sessions
Grade: 4th; Unit: 3D


Students demonstrate ideas of a “house of dreams” - give purpose in creating their dream house.


Michigan Benchmarks:
All students will
1. Apply skills and knowledge to perform in the arts
2. Apply skills and knowledge to create in the arts
3. Analyze, describe and evaluate works of art
4. Understand, analyze, and describe the arts in their historical, social, and cultural contexts
5. Recognize, analyze, and describe connections between the arts and everyday life.

1. Display and read from the book, The Heidelberg Project: A Street of Dreams. by Linda K. McLean. Discuss student’s ideas of the “house of dreams.”
2. Students measure 9 x 12 (22.9 x 30.5 cm) lines for house OR 2 copies of house pattern per student (Below).wood house
3. Pre-cut 6 x 12 (15.25 x 30.5 cm) any colored roof
4. Discuss types of houses. Students must come up with a “theme” for their house. (Visions)
5. Use scrap paper, found objects, etc. to construct their houses.
6. Students could write a story about their envisioned “house of dreams.” How they created it and why. What is the name of their house? Would they live in their house? Students could create a poem to reflect their thoughts.
7. Optional- use inspirational words from stamps such as: Joy, Believe in yourself, Live, Love, Laugh, Take Time to Smell the Roses, Harmony, Believe in your Dreams.

8. See bibliography for more books on the Heidelberg Project.

Creativity Connection:

Students imagine what their dream house would be through the study of the art of renowned artist, Tyree Guyton.. Understand the symbolism of the polka dot.


Visual Aids:

The Heidelberg Project, A street of Dreams, by Linda K. McLean
Tyree Guyton pictures, new articles, photos, and posters. See further information at The Heidelberg Project website.


9x12 (22.9 x 30.5 cm) any colored Construction Paper. or Copy Paper, house pattern (Below), 6 x 12 (15.25 x 30.5 cm) any colored paper for roof, Scrap box per table, any scraps- fabric, Felt., found objects, Scissors., Drawing Pencils., White Glue. or Glue Sticks.. Rulers. - if students measure lines for house.


House Pattern:


house pattern

Tyree Guyton., famous artist, Dotty Wotty House, dream house, 3/D, deep understanding of art, symbolism, artistic vision.


Would you want to live next to the house you or your classmates created, if it was real? What deep understanding does your house represent? Students write reactions to others’ houses to answer.



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