Early Childhood Lesson: Blessings Box

Blessings Box

Submitted by: Stephanie M. Corder, AZ Academy~ U.S. Virgin Islands
UNIT: Crafts - Thanksgiving
Grade Level: Pre-K, K
Inspired by a similar project on Kinderart



Students will create a box with a Thanksgiving illustration to hold rocks painted with some the things they are thankful for, reinforcing the meaning of thankfulness.



  1. Ask each student to list 5 things they are thankful for, it can be anything from "Mommy and Daddy" to one of my personal favorites; "Pokemon" (remember these are 3-5 year old kids, and the little things ARE important!)

  2. Teacher provides orange construction paper for students to draw an illustration of one of the things on their list.

  3. Use poster board or any heavy paper to create the traditional "Turkey" handprint; parents LOVE these!

  4. Print out copies of the poem I wrote (or write your own); I think this year, I’ll each child hand write the poem.

  5. Paint (or write) each child’s list on individual rocks.

  6. Assemble, see photos.


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Milk cartons cut down to a box with a flap
Construction Paper. (any color - Stephanie used orange)
Tempera Paint. (brown, pink, blue, yellow, orange, red)
Oil Pastels.
Sea glass,.Shells,. rocks; etc.
Moss. (this year, I’m planning on using paper scraps cut down into filler)
(Scissors., White Glue., Masking Tape. - for assembling boxes)



By listing and illustrating five things they are thankful for, students will begin learning the process of expressing their ideas through specific use of media and themes.


Notes: Because I have VERY small classes, I was able to assemble this project on my own without spending too much time on it, for people with larger classes, you could have older students or parent volunteers help.


Blessing Box Poem:


I’ve made a special turkey
With my fingers painted
Pink, yellow, orange and blue
Here is my blessing box
With thanks from me to you!


This is more of a craft project. It is something you could do interdisciplinary with the classroom teacher. The hand print and drawing could be done in the art room, while the classroom teacher and parent volunteers (or older students) assembled the boxes.



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