Art Lesson - Smelly Fruit Still Life

Smelly Fruit Still Life

Submitted by: Gina Beauvais
Silver Wings Studio
Chester Springs PA

Ages: 4 - 6



New students love this project. I always make them laugh introducing the markers. Students don't believe how they smell! These markers are great for impaired art students. They can smell the black licorice of the black marker before they draw with it.


I have students draw all kinds of fruit with pencil first on a separate sheet of paper. We color the fruit with the scented markers, exploring each scent as we color. Each fruit is cut out and saved for later. I have a collection of wallpaper sample books that we use to cut out the vase shape. The fruit and vase gets glued onto stiff paper. Backgrounds can be added with marker or with wallpaper samples.



Bring in real or artificial fruit and show them to the students. Ask, "What is this fruit called? What color is this fruit? How does it smell? Have you smelled this anywhere else? Do you smell it in gum or flavored drinks?"


Today we are making fruit using markers that smell like fruit. You are going to draw the fruit in front of you with pencil lines. Don't worry if it doesn't look exactly like it. What shape is this pear in? Apple? Grapes?


smelly fruit project

"After drawing the outlines of the fruit, you will now color your fruit with smelly markers. After it's done you will cut out the shapes you colored." For younger students, the teacher will cut these out for the students either on the spot or for later. This may be a good time to introduce the process of cutting with scissors.


A wallpaper sample book or magazines can be used to cut out vases. Again, the teacher will need to do this with the younger students. The teacher may also have vases already drawn out and the students cut along the line. Students then can glue the fruit onto larger paper with either glue sticks or Elmer's Glue. The teacher can ask questions to guide students for placement of the fruit on the paper. For example, the teacher could ask, "What is your favorite fruit? Would you want that fruit to be in front so everyone can see it better? What fruit will be in back?"


Finally, the vase is glued on top of the bottom of the fruit (pictured - click on the image for full size)




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