Early Childhood Lesson: Primary Color Mixing

Primary Color Mixing

MonaSubmitted by: Judith Walsh, art teacher at Mt. Zion Elementary, Suffolk,VA.
Ages: Pre-K



White Drawing Paper. or paper plate, primary colors Tempera Paint. in bottles, Plastic Wrap..



This lesson is very quick and easy and the children love the outcome! I put the primary colors on the student's paper in little puddles, about the size of a half dollar. Next, I put the Handi-wrap on top of the paint. The students will then mix the colors together with their fingers on top of the Handi-wrap, like finger painting without the mess!


The students will become amazed when they create greens and purples and oranges that weren't there when they started! It's a great way to teach them about color and they get to see the colors first hand by mixing them themselves!


When they are finished, I pull the Plastic Wrap off and the painting is left to dry. They make wonderful abstract paintings and the colors are great! Have Fun!


NOTE: This lesson was submitted in the early days of IAD when teachers had no scanners or digital cameras to take pictures of student work.



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