Five Short Lessons

MonaSubmitted by: Shana Stein, art teacher at the South Bend Regional Museum of Art in Indiana.

Ages: Two to Five



A great thing to do is save all of your trash, like toilet paper rolls, bottle tops, etc. and have kids put it together with tape or glue. They can paint it the next day or decorate it with beans. It can go on forever. Ages three-on up.


A good thing for twos, balloon printing. Sticking the balloon into paint and printing on paper. Try different kinds of paper too! newspaper, wrapping paper etc.


Using small printmaking rollers is really fun too. Just put some paint on a Styrofoam Trays. and let them roll the roller (Brayers.) on it. If you have Kraft Paper. to roll onto that is great too! Ages three to five.


Collaging with recycled materials is a good way for young children to learn about all different kinds of colors, shapes and textures. Sometimes children's museums have recycled materials shops or just regular junk shops...


Painting with sand on cardboard is enjoyable as well. Just put the sand directly in the paint and children can just paint as usual. As for the cardboard liquor stores and SAM'S clubs usually have an endless supply of free boxes. Children learn about color and texture in this project.



NOTE: This lesson was submitted in the early days of IAD when teachers had no scanners or digital cameras to take pictures of student work.



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