Lesson Plan: Sculpture- Design a Shoe - "Cinderella's Revenge"

Design a Shoe Sculpture

Submitted by: Justin Kramer
Unit: Sculpture - mixed media - ceramic - paper mache
Lesson: "Cinderella's' Revenge" - Design a Shoe
Grade Level: High School (adaptable to middle school)
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This is a good unit for problem solving skills. Students should already be familiar with sculpture techniques and hand building techniques for clay.


The students were required to respond to the exhibition "Cinderella's Revenge" [Archive] by generating a work that could be exhibited alongside the works shown in the exhibition [Archive]. They were encouraged to explore a whimsical interpretation of a shoe. We discussed interpretations of what could constitute as a shoe - these include thongs, flippers, skates, the word shoe, etc. Some of the students ended up using the word shoe and painting it in graffiti style on a sheet of paper. I didn't document many of the 2D versions - the 3D ones were far more creative.


shoe sculpture shoe sculpture


shoe sculptureshoe sculpture


shoe sculpture shoe sculpture


shoe sculpture shoe sculpture


From Justin Kramer:

Students were encouraged to use the media of their own choosing, this included mixed media, collage, Paper Mache., drawing, painting, construction and carving (Moist Clay.). They brainstormed possible construction methods and negotiated for media via design plans.


The work sent to you were from a year 9 class. In retrospect I feel that I might have had more surreal interpretations from an older group. Technically they handled the media very well but on the whole they struggled with the student-directed activity and were quite needy. This isn't the case with older students. I will be doing the art cars with some of the same students next year and with this previous experience they should be a lot more confident in being creative rather than being conservative or stereotypical.

The brief was very simple and allowed the students to be very creativity. They enjoyed this unit - on the whole the boys were the most successful with it - something which I didn't predict.

Examples from the exhibition "Cinderella's revenge" were used to discuss the variety of possibilities and were used to encourage students to be adventurous.


Student work on this page is by students at Dakabin State High School, Queensland, Australia. Justin now teaches at North Lakes State College.


See Ceramic Shoes Lesson Plan. Also see Shoe Sculptures.



Choice of paint: Acrylic Paint., Glazes., Underglazes.
Stoneware Clay. (or other Moist Clay.)
Wire End Clay Tool Set.



Carving Boots and Shoes With Larry Green. - The shoes become works of art to which most people can relate. With step-by-step, color illustrated instructions, Larry gets the reader started on the "right foot." Five boot and shoe projects are described in detail, including a baby shoe, a work book, a cowboy boot, a "Storm" boot, and a ski boot.


The Art of the Shoe. - Marie-Jos├ęphe Bossan is a curator at the International Shoe Museum in Romans, the French capital of the shoe industry. This museum holds the greatest shoe collection in the world with 12,000 specimens.





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