Foil Sculptures - Hand out

Foil Sculptures

Give each student a sheet of tin foil about one foot long. Have students draw lines with Washable Markers. before they cut. (so you can check the placement)

foil sculpture

Gently crumple foil together holding it in the middle (like you were holding the waist of the person) Gently, if you squeeze too hard the foil compresses and the person gets really tiny!


Have small pieces of foil available for strengthening arms and legs or necks (some who have squeezed too tight lose limbs!)


foil sculpture foil sculpture


Sometimes we pose these foil people and do sketches in our Sketchbooks. of people in action. (Propped against a glue bottle, sitting on the edge of the table, holding a pencil)


Next step -- Tape the person and then paint.


foil sculpturefoil sculpture


Give each student a Styrofoam meat tray (write their name on it) for storage of person and keeping supplies while they work, (yarn, fabric they have chosen, etc...)


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